LA Business Journal—Danning Gill Partners Participate in Bankruptcy & Restructuring Roundtable Discussion

Los Angeles Business Journal
July 26, 2021

Despite significant worldwide economic challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, bankruptcy filings have been somewhat inconsistent.  While consumer cases were largely down, the number of Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings in 2020 has been the highest since 2010—a trend some expect to continue in the coming year.

To better explain current trends facing restructuring and bankruptcy filings, and the options available for businesses experiencing financial difficulties, the Los Angeles Business Journal interviewed Danning Gill Partners Uzzi Raanan and John Tedford.  The two identify opportunities distressed companies may have to bring their businesses and finances back on track in an economy that appears to be making a comeback.

Here’s the link to the Business Journal’s website/article:

 LABJ BankruptcyRoundTable.