Small Business Reorganization Success Story

Attorneys at Danning, Gill, Israel & Krasnoff, LLP, obtain decisive wins for their small business debtor (Subchapter V) client in the case of Brett Arthur Butler.  Danning Gill prevailed in a valuation trial and separately confirmed its client’s contested small business debtor chapter 11 plan of reorganization.  During the course of the case Danning Gill also successfully defended a challenge to its client’s designation as Subchapter V small business debtor and a motion to convert the case to one under chapter 7.  Aaron E. de Leest led the team at Danning Gill with vital assistance from attorneys Zev Shechtman, Uzzi O. Rannan and Alphamorlai L. Kebeh.

To read Order Confirming Debtor’s First Amended Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization, click here.