Litigation in Bankruptcy and State Court

Danning, Gill, Israel & Krasnoff, LLP's litigation practice is focused on the cost-effective rendition of legal services with a view to achieving the best possible results for every client, whether in the context of jury trials, bench trials, arbitration or mediation.

Judgment Enforcement

The firm pursues enforcement of judgments against judgment debtors and also defends against such actions. Whether in the bankruptcy or non-bankruptcy context, the firm has extensive experience and procedural knowledge in the area of judgment enforcement. Among other issues arising in bankruptcy, the firm prosecutes and defends actions to determine the dischargeability of debts, often based on a pre-bankruptcy judgment.

Commercial Law Litigation

The firm has extensive experience in state and federal litigation involving the interpretation of the California Commercial Code.

Prosecute and Defend Avoidance Actions

The firm has an outstanding reputation for handling, on a cost-effective basis, the investigation, prosecution and defense of fraudulent transfer claims and preference claims.