Creditor Representation

Creditor Committee Counsel

Danning Gill has long represented creditors’ committees in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases.  Over the years, we’ve represented committees in cases involving various business sectors, including healthcare facilities, manufacturing, transportation, technology, retail, municipalities and financial services.  The depth and breadth of our knowledge and experience in fiduciary representation are unparalleled and give us a unique edge when representing committees.  We understand how bankruptcy works, we are zealous advocates for our clients, and we have the ethical integrity and credibility required for successful fiduciary representations.  

Examples of cases in which Danning Gill was selected as creditors’ committee counsel include:

  • Pacific 9 Transportation, Inc.
  • MediaShift, Inc.
  • National Pax
  • Prime Time Shuttle
  • Maxicare
  • Elastar
  • Victor Valley Community Hospital
  • Watts Health Plan
  • Parkview Community Hospital
  • Desert Hot Springs
  • Granada Hills Community Hospital

Creditor representation in Bankruptcy cases

Danning Gill represents creditors in cases under every chapter of the Bankruptcy Code.  We work closely with our creditor clients to craft a strategy to effectively and efficiently maximize the dividends received on their claims.  In Chapter 11 or 13 cases, this likely means analyzing the treatment of claims under a plan of reorganization or plan of adjustment and objecting to improper or unfair treatment.  In individual Chapter 7 cases, we may seek a determination that the claim is not dischargeable as to a client or that the debtor is not entitled to a discharge of any of his or her debts.

Creditors often require relief from the automatic stay to continue pursuit of claims or remedies outside of bankruptcy.  Creditors may also seek dismissal or conversion of a case to another chapter for a variety of reasons, including bad-faith filings, ineligibility for certain types of bankruptcy relief, or unfair treatment of creditors under a particular chapter.  Every bankruptcy case presents a unique set of facts and legal issues. Creditors need specialized counsel to ensure that their interests are fully represented and that the best possible outcome can be achieved through the bankruptcy.