Federal Court Receiverships and State Court Receiverships

Lawyers at Danning, Gill, Diamond & Kollitz, LLP have served as court-appointed equity receivers and receivers in aid of foreclosure in both Federal Courts and State Courts at the request of both private litigants, public sector litigants (such as the California Department of Corporations or the Federal Trade Commission) as well as on a Court’s own initiative in a wide variety of situations. Lawyers in the Firm have extensive experience in serving as receivers or legal counsel to receivers charged with operating a wide variety of businesses, real property enterprises, as well as the dissolution of corporations and other business entities such as legal, medical and other professional service-based partnerships.

Sample Cases

Attorneys in the Firm have been appointed receivers a high profile cases. A member of the Firm was appointed receiver over the financial affairs of a physicians self-insurance trust. After years of litigation, the Receiver, with the assistance of the Firm as his counsel, successfully collected over $55 million and paid creditors, including medical malpractice claimants, 100 cents on the dollar with interest.

The Firm is known as the a law firm liquidator and has successfully liquidated the assets and wound down the financial affairs of numerous law firms.

A member of the Firm served as receiver in aid of collection of a judgment for support.

A member of the Firm served as receiver in the operation and liquidation of a company that produced sophisticated electronic parts, which had fraudulently conveyed assets to parties in the United States and Great Britain. The receiver ultimately negotiated a settlement for the interested parties.

Receivers in the Firm have served in numerous real estate developments, from large office buildings, to shopping centers, and residential developments.

A member of the Firm served as receiver in the operation of a multi-story parking garage involving relationships with municipal authorities and public transportation entities in order to revise downtown bus routes, interrelate with the inner city transportation plan, and litigate issues concerning allegedly unlawful removal of tenants and relocation thereof to an affiliate of a defendant owner of structure.

A member of the Firm served as receiver for various groups of convenience stores and various times in personal property foreclosure actions.